Thursday, August 13, 2009

There are so many things that I could go to in the next couple of weeks to hear good music, and yet, I'm having such a good time settling in to my new home, I hardly want to leave! I already missed the Ribs N' Soul Festival at Hart Plaza on August 1st. And then I missed the House Music Picnic on Belle Isle last weekend, August 8th. I missed Rick Wilhite, Jit Wiggins, Aaron Carl, Norm Talley, Buzz Goree, and "plus more," which might mean that Kenny Dixon, Jr. played. He played last year, football and records. He is occasionally listed simply as *special guest* on local party flyers. And you just know what that means depending on who is hosting the party or who some of the other DJs are. *For those who know*, and all variations of that idea, is a common phrase surrounding the presentation of Detroit electronic music. Underground Resistance uses it a lot on flyers or other promotional discourse. Some, many, still consider this underground music, so there's some intentional mystery constructed and imagined around Detroit techno and house music. It's fun to be a part of, it's fun to learn about. I understand that this mystery and eventual mythology that arises out of it transforms into negative excusivity to some. But I choose not to interpret it that way. I think it partially stems from a protective impulse more than a "we're way cooler than you" approach to music. Except some Detroiters are way cooler than me. Check out this series of posts over at mnml ssgs . The link is to the first part. The subsequent posts can be found by going to the *old ssgs* links in the archive section from June 2008. Each author takes an interesting approach to Detroit electronic music, and of course you know I appreciate Tom Cox's piece (Part III). And then Cliff Thomas of Submerge contributed an important post as well. And you know I appreciate that one because it comes from a perspective rooted from within Detroit. It's not that I'm majorly concerned with authenticity as a singular and powerful vantage point. I am not seeking out *The Most Authentic Detroit Authority*, I am interested in the complex multiplicity of perspectives and experiences that have created and circulated musical culture around Detroit and around the world. Consulting with people who live, create, and maintain something is significant to the process of learning about it.

And here are some parties that I may or may not be able to tear myself away from my cozy woods to get out to. Just as a side note: when I let you know about a party here or a particular release, it's not because someone has asked me to, or sent me a link to advertise for them. I post things that I think are interesting. I also don't get the time to post all the flyers for parties that I think sound interesting, and I don't get the time to post all the mixes that float around, or promote particular releases that I get excited about. So if I miss your event or release, it's not because I don't love you, it's because *I got other shit to do too*! Love ya.

Flyers. Parties. Flyers. Parties.

And uh, hip hop in Flint, yo. KRS-ONE! I saw him at NYU in 1997 or something, and Dead Prez opened for him. It was such a great show. Free too! He threw copies of a black and white drawing he did of his face out to the crowd. I still have mine. KRS.

And Todd Osborn...Elbow Room...Sundays...Ypsilanti...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Destroy This Birthday!

This is my birthday gift this morning from my husband. It is just so delicious. Records for my birthday. Records for Christmas, records for our wedding anniversary, records for valentine's day, records for Halloween. What does James want for his birthday, oh...records. Turntables are not hooked up yet. What's on tonight's list of things to unpack and set up in our new awesome home? Decks.

And I'll just tell you this, even though this is not really a parenting blog, I spent yesterday evening hiking with my three boys in the woods behind our new place. It was freaking magical. We found the trail on Monday and then decided to go into the woods yesterday. The trail stars with a steep downhill path in a meadowy clearing. At the base of the hill is a gateway formed by vines and tree branches. It is literally a curved gateway directly over the path that all of us except the babe had to duck under. That was our entry into the woods. My boys decided to call it The Darkness; they used to call a patch of woods on Indiana University's campus the same name, so that is being carried on for us here in Ann Arbor. We hiked through those woods, finding decomposing trees, patches of flourishing lowlying plants on the forest floor, and a run off on its way to the Huron River. It was so delightful to watch my boys find Daddy-Long-Legs, toss rocks, and run across the concrete portion of the run off like it was a half pipe (that's what they called it, no influence from me!). And the babe, 22 months and trudging through those woods like he's a professional trudger. Pumping those arms to keep up with those big brothers of his. I am so grateful to have such beautiful abundance just past our backyard.