Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Updates to research

So a friend of mine that I went to high school with lives up here and she and I have gone out a few times to clubs. This past weekend she let me borrow her copy of Future Shock (1970) by Alvin Toffler.


This is an important book in techno's history in Detroit. Juan Atkins read it and passed the ideas on to Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson in the early 1980s. From this came the name techno and other important terms in techno's history like Metroplex, which became Atkins' label in 1985. I'm so excited to start reading this book.

I found some clips of the Electrifying Mojo radio program the Midnight Funk Association on YouTube recently.


I'm going to keep a YouTube profile collection of Detroit related video and audio clips. Here is the url for it:


I recently learned that Kenny Dixon, Jr. (Moodymann), who refused to do interviews for his whole DJing career, finally did an interview in November 2007 with Giles Peterson on RadioOne in the UK.

Kenny Dixon, Jr. Interview

It's a great interview. However, it comes one year too late for me. I invited him to come to Indiana University in Bloomington, IN to participate in a conference on Detroit house and techno music in October 2006.


He agreed for about a minute and then I received an email explaining that he wanted to keep to his no interview policy and decided not to attend. Oh well, maybe I'll get to meet him soon.

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