Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Mitten State?!

Michigan geography and history is fascinating for my Canada born and Indiana raised head. First of all, it's two peninsulas, upper and lower. The lower portion is shaped like a mitten and people point to various points on their palm when describing a geographical location in Michigan. Apparently folks from the Upper Peninsula (UP) refer to people from the lower region as "trolls" because they live below the Mackinaw bridge, a five mile bridge connecting the two peninsulas. Native American culture and history is really important here as well, but I am just beginning to learn more about that and don't yet have much knowledge to share.

Michigan is currently struggling economically and that seems to be much of what I hear on radio stations, on TV news programs, and from many Detroit citizens. So many times in my 2 1/2 months here, I have heard about husbands being fired, people losing their homes, not enough funding for social services, and terrible public school systems, particularly within Detroit proper. So this struggle is a major part of Detroit culture.

Another interesting element of Michigan life is the mastodon population buried deep under the soil and dug up and preserved in museums around the state. Here is an interesting link about mastodons:

What does this have to do with DJs? Everything - because I am learning all I possibly can about the mitten state made up of 2 peninsulas with its trolls, mastodons, and unemployment!

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