Sunday, July 13, 2008

What…what…WHAT!? 3 Major electronic music events happening in Detroit on the SAME NIGHT!????? Just had a fantastic 2nd interview with DJ WhoDat last night and we talked extensively about this issue. WHY does this happen? There is a BBQ & DJs event at Cortown Tavern Saturday night starting at 6pm and going until late. Punisher is going to be playing!!! So James and I are planning on heading down there for a few hours. Then, I am going after that to the Works to see Felton Howard spin. He is moving to Scotland (I think?) at the end of the month, so I am really excited to make it out to see him before he leaves Detroit! That goes until 6am…not sure if I'll make it until then, but I'm going to try! And finally, I just saw that Terrence Parker is spinning Saturday night as well. Are they serious? This is going to be the second time I have missed TP spinning in Detroit in the past 2 months!

Can we please figure this out? Out of three events, one happens about three times a month, that's Felton Howard's night at the Works. But do the other two events really have to go on at the same time? You could be giving Detroit two great weekends in July, but instead, it's all happening on the same night!

Don't like this. More later…cause I've been busy with the techno.

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