Thursday, September 11, 2008

One Whole Year

I was just thinking last night, one year ago I was eight months pregnant. I was getting ready to write my Ph.D. qualifying exams and was feeling pretty freaked out by them. I was in Bloomington, IN at the end of summer and with my giant belly, I was HOT! We were planning our move to Detroit, but really it was almost impossible for me to think beyond my exams and then beyond birthing my third child. My husband worked at Starbucks and we were also living off my student loans. I was preparing unsuccessful grant proposals to fund my fieldwork in Detroit. It’s amazing to me that that was a year ago. So many incredible things have happened since then and this year has been really exciting. But, it’s been incredibly hard too, all the changes for our family – crazy.

Well, I’m happy I’m here and I really feel like even though there is a lot more that I want to do research wise here, I can see the end and I can see myself jumping over that little hurdle called a dissertation!

Anyway, check out this very cool blog post:

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