Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy ... busy

Things have been pretty hectic for me lately. I have been working diligently on a grant proposal for my dissertation writing stage. Seeing as how I did not secure funding for the fieldwork period of this project, I am really getting serious about getting a grant!! Having a full time job and being a parent and doing doctoral field research has been pretty crazy, but I have been able to handle it and accomplish what I have wanted to accomplish within the time frame that I set out with initially. Writing a dissertation while working full time and being a parent, however, is not going to work out so well. Writing at night after a long day and an exhausted Mama brain will not work. So getting a grant is really what I need to do so that I can write this sucker and get moving on to the next stage of our lives.

That said, my blog posts will be slowing down at least until mid-November when two of the proposals are due. I'm sure you've noticed the slow down already! So I'll check you later...hopefully sooner.

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Techno Tony said...

Thanks for emailing me, Denise. I included your blog link in my blog link list.

Let me know if I can be of any help in your research. I think my book would be useful in your studies. Ask your library to order it.

I wish you good luck in your research and to your family as well. Keep in touch.

Techno Tony
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