Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay, can I just tell you something super weird? Last night, a woman who is going to be our new babysitter came over so we could all meet and figure out if she was going to work out as our babysitter. We found her through an online childcare service and when I contacted her, sometime last week, I let her know of a few upcoming nights that we would need someone to come over and be with our boys. Tonight was one of those nights. So I asked her last night if that was still a possibility for her, and she shrugged and slowly shook her head no. Said she was going to a show that her friend was playing in. So, that was fine, we talked a bit about stuff, and then I got into describing our family a bit and explaining why some of the times we needed childcare extended into the wee hours of the morning. I explained that we moved here last February from Bloomington, I'm getting my PhD in ethnomusicology and I'm doing my field research on Detroit techno and house music. I explained that some of what that involves is interviewing DJs and producers and other people involved in this music in Detroit; it also involves me going out to events in the city and sometimes videotaping DJ sets. So we got past all that neatness and she mentioned the electronic music festival, we've both been multiple times, she used to live in Detroit after high school, etcetera. Then she told me her friend whose show she is planning on attending played in either the first or second DEMF. The name that he played/recorded as, she told me, is/was Spacelings & Bassheads. Now 10 hours ago, Spacelings & Bassheads kind of triggered some synapse firing for me, but I didn't think I recognized anything in particular about it. This morning, I'm sitting at work and decided to read FilterD which always has great info about things going on in and around Detroit. Now, did you check that link? Check it check it

Oh, what's that about Spacelings & Bassheads? He's the guy who is doing the Bohemian National Home party tonight that I wanted to take James to with Carlos Souffront and BMG?? Are you kidding me, my new babysitter, who isn't much younger than me, is going to a party that I want to go to? Usually I feel so out of touch, musically, with other people I meet or spend time with in the family and work realms of life. Not that I have separate worlds..., but sometimes I feel like I have separate worlds. Most of my friends who are parents, homeschoolers are not into electronic music in any way. For some reason, I just don't meet and hang out with a lot of parents/families who are into the same kinds of musical, cultural experiences that we're into. And that's totally cool, because, like everyone, I'm not just unidimensional, I have a lot of different interests and I connect with different people in varying ways. So anyway, hiring someone to care for my children who I would automatically assume, under normal circumstances, would not share these kinds of similarities with my husband and I, who actually does share some sort of weird, twisty social connection to things that are really central to me, is super weird.


Happily Ever After said...

That is cool. I love it when weird coincidences like that happen.

Andrew said...

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