Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gary Springs Hunting Club, Detroit, America

Click on that title up there. That website is so horribly awesome. Anything GSHC related cracks me up in a serious way. Their party last night, Lazer Tan, was fantastic. One of my favorite parties ever - I have a growing collection of those, most of which have been in Detroit. I danced so much, I sweated my upper underclothes green (...cause I had a new green shirt on...). It was a hot hot sweatbox. I think I'm in love with Gary Springs, but don't say anything or shit might get stupid.

The party sounds were hosted by the good Reverend Robert David Jones (GSHC/Tour Detroit), Secrets (GSHC/Blank Artists/Secret Mixes Fixes), and Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area/Environ-NYC). It was held in a private loft in Greektown. It was a fine space, small and heated, but nice for that party. It was real crowded (and hard to dance) for about an hour at the end of Secrets' set and at the beginning of Darshan's set. Other than that, I had plenty of elbow room. I arrived mildly early, before things started filling up. I caught a good portion of Secrets' set. It was really fun, funky disco, with some touches of house and electro.

Darshan Jesrani - what a DJ. Boy, I had some fun. He played vinyl and cds. Heard some real nice jacking tracks. It was an excellent set. Solid and proper.

I had some fun dancing to this. It just sounded really beautiful.

Got to chat with Robert David Jones about the party and about GSHC in general. They have a really youthful, creative, positive, Detroit centered approach to hosting and sharing music in this city. And I love it. I anxiously await some recorded conversations with these guys, whether together as a group or individually, whatever. I am as excited about talking to them as I am about interviewing Juan or Derrick, just so you know.

Sadly, I forgot to carry out my special GSHC animal mask as I was leaving the loft. You can bet there's not much that will hold me back from their next party.

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pipecock said...

the same night as this, Darshan's partner in Metro Area Morgan Geist played in pittsburgh. his set was wonderful as well, though no masks were present ;)

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