Tuesday, March 10, 2009

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Hello Everyone!

Once again, Detroit is at it. Another segment of important history has been destroyed without a hint of consideration. (Yes our city does love us - but its tough love). 2030 Grand River has been cleared for the newcoming Red Wings Hockey Stadium. We wanted to send out a request to you all - because we need you to help us memorialize the history. If any of you came to 2030 Grand River between 1992 and 2000, we would greatly appreciate digital images (JPEG files are preferred) of the visit. PLEASE include your name ( & who came with you), date of visit, where you hailed from and any memory you wish to share. If you did not know, 2030 Grand River is no more. It has been demolished. We would like to post some of YOUR memories, along with ours, on the site. This will allow people "who did NOT know", to know. Again, we sincerely appreciate the visits and the memories.

Please send them to: support@submerge.com. Put in the subject: 2030 Memories.

****We are especially interested in anyone who has pics of the ceiling and the wall signings****


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