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Creative Arts & Antiques Festival
Detroit | March 20-29
Russell Industrial Center / Russell Bazaar /

Friday March 20
5:00pm FOOD COURT Performance: Detroit Tap Repertory
Denise Caston founded the Detroit Tap Repertory in 2008. Her credits are extensive, having produced the 1st Annual Motor City Tap Fest,, teaching credits include classes at Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway, two of the largest dance studios in the country, The Rockette Experience(c) at Radio City Music Hall, and The Oklahoma City Tap Festival. The Detroit Tap Repertory is comprised of a group of the area's best tap dancers.

6:00pm GALLERY Seminar: Tour Management
Tour management is a process that involves a great many things, whether your touring locally, nationally, or internationally, different factors arise. This seminar panel has worked with booking local, national and international tours, and managing the process.

Traci of Mahogani Music
Traci manages the international tour bookings for music artists on the Mahogani Music label who tour in up to 30 countries.

Cornelius Harris of Alter Ego Management
Alter Ego Management and Bookings was founded by Cornelius Harris, a long time participant / sometimes artist in multiple Detroit scenes from hip hop to rock, jazz to funk, techno to even video. Alter Ego Management and Booking was formed to serve both the artists represented and the fans of those artists. Founded in Detroit, there was a commitment to seeing the success of clients in a city that, while loaded with talent, lacked the supporting industries to benefit from that talent. As a jack of all trades, he understood that working in such an environment mandated familiarity with many different people with many different skills in many different places in order for his clients to achieve the types of outcomes they were looking for. Today Alter Ego boasts a lineup consisting of not only established talent, but up and coming artists as well. Alter Ego has also played a significant role in managing not only artists, but specific projects, from video production to licensing to contract negotiation. So while the clients benefit from the work being done, their Alter Ego operates in the background, making sure that they're set up for success.

7:00pm GALLERY Beatmakers Showcase
Whether you make the beats with your feet, hands, or digital machine, showcase your skills in front of a panel of industry greats.

8:00pm GALLERY Seminar: Taking Your Music Global
This seminar provides insight into ways independent musicians have managed to take their music and become a success with a global audience reach.

Amp Fiddler

Joseph "Amp" Fiddler, originally a keyboardist from Detroit, is a funk and soul musician who has worked with Enchantment, the Dramatics, George Clinton, Moodyman, Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies, Fishbone and Maxwell. Through the years, he has toured globally, mentored artists such as Slum Village and J-Dilla, and made a name for himself as an independent artist with a global audience.

Aaron-Carl Producer, Remixer, Singer/Songwriter, DJ
Contact E-mail:

As one of Detroit's most in demand producers & sought after remixers, Aaron-Carl's signature sound crosses genre from soulful, gospel infused House, to the dirtiest ghettotech anthems. His productions have graced various labels throughout the world, including Subject Detroit, Metroplex, Universal France and his own imprint, Wallshaker Music. Owning and overseeing the successful Wallshaker Music label plus heading his own music publishing company, Symphonic Storm Music Publishing, Aaron-Carl proves himself as a definite force to be reckoned with and shows no signs of slowing down. Aaron-Carl is currently the host of weekly Internet Radio Show, THE W.A.R.M.T.H. SESSIONS, Fridays @ 7PM EST, on WARMTH313.COM.

Cornelius of Alter Ego Management
See bio from Tour MGMT

Saturday March 21
Bazaar Opens at 10am
All Day EXHIBITION CENTER Live Art Demonstration

Chazz Miller of PublicArtWorkz
Chazz began his Art Career while attending Southwestern High School in Detroit, Michigan. Since kicking off his career as an artist Chazz has created over 300 Murals and countless other works of art that can be seen in the United States, Germany, Mexico and Canada. Being a Commercial and Mural Artist, who studied at the Columbus College of Art and Designer, Chazz has used his years of experience to create larger than life colorful murals that positively impact the physic of those who witness them.

The Artist Village of Detroit. PAWZ, is a non-profit organization whose main mission is creating a world class outdoor gallery using Murals as the backdrop for positive change & thinking. They operate out of a community center based in Redford Michigan.

12:30pm GALLERY Seminar: Internet Marketing & Social Media
Internet Marketing & Social Media is rapidly becoming a necessity in reaching today's audience. This panel will not only explain what social media is, reasons why you should use it, and ways to use it, but also show recent advances in maintaining all of your social sites.

Dr. Ron Suarez has recently developed to assist independent artists in managing their social media sites.

1:30pm GALLERY Seminar: Booking Agents & Mgmt Companies
Booking Agents and Management Companies, what do they do, how do choose a good one, and what should you expect from one.

Rhythms, Rhymes, & Riffs
Montaj Enterprises
Cornelius of Alter Ego Management

The public can sign up for tours of the RIC to get an insiders view into the history, current and future plans of the RIC, and the 80+ artist studios located on campus. Tours are in the themes of:
 Glass Blowing;
 Canvas Art;
 Photography;
 Fashion;
 Digital Arts & Music;
 Sculpture; and
 Architectural & Construction Arts.

2:30pm GALLERY Performance: Billyberda (Funky Fresh Fusion)
The newest funky fresh jazz group to come out of Motown since day before yesterday

4:15pm GALLERY Performance: (Jazz)

6:00pm EXHIBITION CENTER Performance: The Mean Reds Pop, rock, & folk
The Mean Reds is a group of four musicians from the Detroit area with a sound that mixes pop, rock, and folk. With distinctly different musical backgrounds and strengths they create "A sound that's absolutely modern fresh, and really good," according to Michigan radio DJ John Bommarito.

7:00pm GALLERY Seminar: Working with a Publicist
Bring in your marketing kits for industry feedback

Matt Lei
Matt Lei's is undeniably one of the strongest Publicists for the Creative Industries in the city of Detroit. With credits to his name including Campus Martius Park, Detroit International Jazz Festival, Kid Rock, Billy D. Williams, plus a slew of other amazing artists.

8:00 EXHIBITION CENTER Performance: The Sugar People
Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop, & Country
The Sugar People embarks on a cerebral departure from traditional guitar, bass and drums, delivering a message enhancing all five senses, combining honest rock hooks with break-beat R&B. Forming an ambient sound all their own through atmospheric tones influenced by the tough economy, life's everyday grind, and true life stories, The Sugar People creates music best described as rural hip-pop, neo-soul or chilax. Sugar--the human body's most basic component--represents the group's finished creation: music for everybody, formed by fusing rock, funk, soul, pop and country.

Bazaar closes at 9:00pm

Sunday March 22
Bazaar Opens at 11:00am

2:00 GALLERY Performance: Character Rocks! -- For Kids, or
Dan Duncan's work in character education is widely recognized thanks to his wonderful children's CD: Character Rocks!--For Kids.

3:00 GALLERY Seminar: Making money through diversifying,
Dan Duncan
Dan Duncan has learned over the years the necessity to diversify his product line in order to find ways to make money. Currently he is working with international labels, you can supply your own charts, or they will write charts upon request. Simply send mp3 reference tracks with a separate click, and they will add the horn parts. Most projects can be done in a week to 10 days. Dan is also a seasoned music educator.

5:00 GALLERY Performance: Dan Duncan & the Brass A Fire
Dan is an extremely gifted player who can sound like almost anyone. The one thing about his playing is that it is entirely "authentic." He can play a ripping Latin solo and turn around with an ultra realistic Louis Armstrong rendition. His trumpet improv has often been compared to Art Farmer and Clifford Brown, though he easily covers the Maynard Ferguson side of things. One moment he's playing with the sweetest loving tones you've ever heard, and the next he's playing exotic scales in a Be-Bop context. He can play virtually anything you throw at him.

Bazaar Closes at 6:00pm

Friday March 27
Events Starts at 5:00pm
6:00pm GALLERY Seminar: Forming a Non-Profit
This Seminar brings together expects and novices who have recently undergone the process to discuss their experiences when forming a non-profit.
Kibwe for Kids,
Elements Gallery,
The Electronic Music Foundation of Detroit

7:00pm GALLERY Performance: DJ set by DJ Sicari

7:45-8:15 GALLERY Performance: The Regiment "Positive Hip-Hop"

8:15-9:15 GALLERY Seminar: Operating a Gallery Events Space
Charles Johanson Gallery

Bazaar Closes at 9:00pm

Saturday March 28
Bazaar Opens at 10:00am

1:00 FOOD COURT Performance: Howard Glazer,,

Howard Glazer continues to draw from his varied musical background to create a powerful blend of serious blues, rock and acoustic compositions, yielding an uncompromising sound fans have grown to expect, new listeners will be sure to enjoy and the Motor City is proud to call its own. Howard Glazer has performed extensively both nationally and internationally including festivals/tours in the USA, Japan, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Holland, Greece, England, Germany, Poland, Canada and The Czech Republic, among others. Howard has shared the bill with many greats including: Johnny Winter, B.B. King, Savoy Brown and David "Honeyboy" Edwards to name a few.

2:00pm GALLERY Performance: Javonntte Jazz Fusion Jam
His recent album "Finger Work" has topped the global Jazz Fusion charts, taking 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place out of over 1600 entrants. It is no wonder this underground gem has such skills, with previous experience performing as a band member with the legendary Miles Davis and also the Teddy Harris Jazz Quartet. His Jazz Fusion show incorporates influences from Rock, Soul, Reggae, Funk, Techno, Electro, Hip-Hop and Blues.

3:00pm GALLERY Seminar: Creating Your Image
Arzel "Z" of The Metro Shop

4:00 EXHIBITION CENTER Performance: WooDabi Blues

5:00 GALLERY Seminar: Job Opportunities in the Film Industry
Heads of the Detroit Film Industry talk about the job opportunities that are coming to the city.

6:00 GALLERY Seminar: Film Makers Forum
Film Makers from Detroit come together to discuss their craft and find ways to move forward.

7:00 EXHIBITION CENTER: Performance Art by Ziam
Mixed Media Performance artist, Ziam incorporates music fashion, and dance to create his legendary Detroit Performance Art Fashion Shows.

Bazaar Closes at 9:00pm

Sunday March 29
2:00pm FOOD COURT Performance: Character Rocks! -- For Kids

3:00 GALLERY Seminar: Children: Developing the Next Generation
Serendipity Collage & Potpourri
SCP produces ongoing events that raise Backpacks and School Supplies for children. Artists such as Thornetta Davis, Derrick May, Anthony Shake Shakir, plus many more have contributed time to aid in the success of these events. Their motto is "No child should without the basics to succeed."

4:00 FOOD COURT Performance: Open Mic
The Bazaar Open Mics are becoming legendary, as each of the vendors, staff, guests and children have a range of amazing talents that they love to show off.


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